Our Dog Training Philosophy

IMG_5616-2At The K9 Coach we are proud to offer a great deal of versatility in our dog training and are familiar with every major method of dog training. We also believe in looking at the entire dog. We assess not only the behavioural issues that are occurring, but we dig deeper and review everything from nutrition/eating habits, to sleeping habits, medical history, and of course – previous training. We feel that these elements play a major role in your dogs behaviour and are often times overlooked with simple training that addresses the “symptoms” not the real problem. In addition to your basic training, recommendations for lifestyle changes for your dog may play a profound role in the overall results. This may include: food changes, routine changes, additional medical or therapeutic treatments, and “tool” changes (ex: type of collar/leash)

We continuously update our education on all things dog-related and travel internationally to learn from the best in the world so that we can offer you the most effective dog training help. Visit our Credentials page to learn more about our Education.

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