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Client Review

Client Review

Client Review

Come read what our past clients are saying about our training programs, their overall experience with us and their end results. More review (s) can be seen on Google and Facebook


Maui’s Review

” Meagan has been a huge lifeline for our family. You can see her love for dogs, you can see her love for people who love their dogs and want the best for them! From the start, Meagan has been so patient with our 3 dogs, open to ALL of our questions and concerns. She’s pivoted and gives us options that work for our dogs’ personalities because they are all so different. She’s helped us navigate a very difficult and busy time in our lives and has taught us ways to bring back peace into our home with our 3 dogs. I can also walk our largest dog now without feeling copious amounts of anxiety! This is a huge win for our family. I look forward to continuing to work with Meagan as training is a lifelong thing! Can’t say enough good things about Meagan and K9 Coach as a company. Thank you again Meagan! “
Sam, Abbotsford B.C


Fanny’s review

110% recommend! Megan was so knowledgeable, attentive, understanding and adaptable to our specific concerns with our puppy. She did such an amazing job teaching us all the tools and techniques! It has been an absolute pleasure to work with her! I couldn’t be more happy with the results and confidence we have left with. Thank you for bettering our future!


Marlie’s Review

Desiree worked a miracle with our rescue dog. Our dog arrived in March and was highly reactive to other dogs and had zero leash manners. In the span of five private lessons we went from crazy pulling/barking dog to calm/happy dog on our walks.

I chose Desiree based on her before and after videos on the website. I was skeptical that we would have success as our dog is almost three BUT desperate for normal walks so willing to try.

Our before and after video is on the website (dog is Marlie). The transformation has been nothing short of a miracle lol!! We are so grateful that we can now walk our dog without her reacting to every dog we pass. Thank you Desiree!!

Sue (and Marlie)

Rex’s Review

My wife and I have both had dogs in our past but we were faced with a new issue.  We had a beautiful 6 month Old English Sheepdog and four young kids. Rex is an awesome family dog but exhibited a number of behavioral issues in regards to our kids.   We had no idea how to fix these and we became increasingly frustrated. After meeting Desiree, she assessed our needs and customized a training plan that exceeded our expectations.  Within 3 weeks she corrected the behavioral issues and started us on our way with the tools to continue Rex’s training.

One of Desiree’s greatest assets , among many is her ability to carefully listen to you and more importantly your dog and devise a strategy to fix a particular problem. Our family now enjoys walking, hiking and playing with Rex.  Our kids are no longer timid of the dog and play with him constantly. We highly recommend Desiree and the methods she uses.  The difference in Rex in such a short time is remarkable!

David and Kelly Elliott
Abbotsford BC
Rex – Old English Sheepdog

Alba’s Review

IMG_9459“I got a rescue dog from Mexico and wondered what I got myself into. She had issues that I couldn’t handle and I didn’t know where to begin. I felt overwhelmed.
She chased my cats into hiding, lunged and barked when meeting new people, had an incredible fear of water and wouldn’t listen at all to me.
I Googled and chose Desiree (she had a photo of the Dog Whisperer & I was hooked)
She came directly to my house for sessions, which was the only way for me. The Program consisted of Four sessions, but I only needed three!
Now my cats are out and about. Alba even plays with one. I stood with door wide open for 6 min talking to a neighbor. Alba never made a peep and didn’t move from the top stair. I took her camping for a week and she was PERFECT. She even followed me in deep water swimming. I am needless to say….. A happy happy girl.

I still have work but my tools are the best!!!! Desiree has been worth EVERY PENNY I like to say. Thank you soo much.”
-Stephanie McLeod

Ozzie’s Review

We met Desiree when we had exhausted all options of training for our 2 yr old American bulldog Ozzie who had almost no impulse control and was resistant to training. She found what worked for him and we saw significant changes from 3 lessons with her and take home homework. We decided to do board and train and in two weeks she did more with him than we ever could have. He’s a completely different dog and we are so grateful for the progress he has made with her.



Murphy’s Review

We got Murphy as a puppy and went to many training classes thinking we would make Murphy the best dog ever! He was great with the family but  was not always so welcoming with strangers and other dogs. It was getting frustrating trying to figure out what was triggering Murphy until we met Desiree. We started with a couple private lessons and then decided to send Murphy to board with  Desiree for a couple of weeks. When he came back he was a more independent, well adjusted dog that was ready to be more polite around everyone.
Desiree was able to connect with our dog and understand what made him tick. She was able to explain his behaviours to us and help us further his training. Her professionalism and communications are amazing. We still get messages asking how he is doing and updates of events that allow us to continually socialize Murphy in a positive environment. Murphy also loves being able to see Desiree again!
We know that training Murphy will be a lifelong commitment and we are happy to have found Desiree to help us along the way.

Mike & Tanya Todd


IMG_5616-2Topper’s Review

“Since meeting Desiree, our walks with Topper have begun to change drastically.  Upon our first class, Topper was unable to be within sight of another dog without completely “losing it,” barking, screeching, and lunging uncontrollably (something you don’t want on the end of the leash when your dog weighs in at a whopping 110 pounds!).

We adopted Topper in July 2012 and have been struggling with his dog anxiety to no end.  However, within just a few sessions, Topper’s behaviour has remarkably improved. Today, he was able to go on a walk with minimal, if any, outbursts.  It was absolutely incredible!  We actually walked him past several dogs and he was able to maintain his composure and continue his walk.

Desiree has helped us greatly and has provided us with many strategies and tools not only to help Topper to calm down and be able to enjoy his walks, but to help us to become more confident owners who can lead Topper in the right direction.

We still have a long way to go, but we are grateful to Desiree for her patience and guidance, and for helping our big guy to be more successful.”

Jen, Josiah & Topper

lolaLola’s Review

My boyfriend and I have had our Puggle Lola since she was a puppy. She is now going on 5 years old, and although no longer a puppy, she definitely had some behavioural issues that we wanted corrected. We feared training her at an older age would be difficult, but after looking at various options and Dog Training businesses, we settled on contacting Desiree to see what could be accomplished. I was inspired by her website, training outlines and her session packages were extremely reasonable priced. From the first day that we met with her with Lola, we could tell that we picked the perfect place!

Our first main problem was distractions, focusing and walking well on a leash. After the first meeting we knew that she would be able to help us in a big way. It’s amazing how the smallest change or correction can make the difference, and without Desiree’s guidance we would have never known. Our other main concern was Lola reacting negatively to other dogs while on walks, whether it be across the street or right in front of us. Lola being a bit older again we feared her not being able to change

Our sessions were just a few months ago in the summer, and to this day we continue to follow Desiree’s techniques and Lola continues to walk excellent – she barely even notices another dog near us while out!

In addition to the training itself, Desiree’s positive, friendly and motivated attitude made it extremely comfortable and easy for us to learn and teach our dog, and to continue to this day following her instruction. It was honestly like night and day from our first session till our last.  I often walk and think I wish I would pass by her while she is training another person just so that she can see us walking and see how well her training has affected myself especially, and of course Lola. As much as you think it’s the dog that has the problem, Desiree showed us that it’s definitely us as the owners who need to do the changing and learning!

We have watched the TV shows and tried it on our own, but for us we had problems sticking to it and practicing, and having that “guidance” in person.  Desiree’s attention, easy to follow techniques, and follow up made us stay extremely motivated, persistent and eager to impress at each lesson.  Desiree was extremely flexible with location and meeting places for our sessions, even coming right to our home and athletic park across from our house. If we EVER needed additional training we wouldn’t hesitate to call Desiree again, as well as anytime someone I know says they need training or has thought about it, I recommend her.

It’s hard to come to terms with needing the help, but for us when we finally did, Desiree was an excellent choice and I suggest anyone to give her a call

Jill, Chris & Lola

5573_146540505545_7842296_n-2Rio’s Review

When Rio and I first met with Desiree we could not pass another dog, with in 200 ft, without a huge outburst from Rio. Rio would pull, stand on her back feet, wine, bark, screech and froth, scaring many people and other dogs.

Rio is 8 years old and has been this way since we adopted her at only 11 months old. After 4 sessions with Desiree she is now capable of walking calmly down the sidewalk, with dogs passing across the street.  We can also walk right past a dog on the SAME sidewalk with little reaction from her. ( I never thought I would see this day)

I felt very confident with the methods we were using and Desiree even brought her own personal dogs into the picture to help with Rio’s training. This was very reassuring that there was hope for Rio!

Desiree taught me how to read Rio’s body language and how to change her thought pattern towards being on the leash. I feel that the private sessions with Desiree were definitely money, and time, well spent.

Thank You Desiree !!!!!

Sheri & Rio


IMG_2322Frankie’s Review

We got our first dog Lacy (havanese) 7 years ago. Lacy is really shy and lacks confidence, she follows us around all the time, so we decided to get a second dog for company thinking that might help. Frankie ( a red toy poodle) came to our family 2 years ago when he was 8 weeks old . He is a hyperactive dog, full of energy, loves to play with people… totally opposite to Lacy.

When he was 5 months old we had him in a puppy class (with another Trainer) and we noticed he was showing signs of aggression to some dogs. We didn’t acknowledge it as we didn’t understand that it would continue and escalate as he grew. Then, when he was 1 year old we found we realized the aggression was getting worse. We couldn’t walk past any big dogs, or even some small excited dogs. He also reacted to bikes, rollerblades, scooters and small kids. Even if they were all the way across the street, he would start to growl and show his teeth.

The daily walk became really stressful to me.  I realized I needed to find some help, so I found my second Trainer. This one with a lifetime warranty, but after a month I didn’t see any change in Frankie and he seemed to even get worse so I figured it was time to seek yet another dog trainer for Frankie. I found Desiree (In the Dog House ) from the internet, our third Trainer in Frankie’s short life. We did some private lessons first, but I was still finding it challenging so she suggested we do a“Board & Train” program with Frankie where he would go and live with her for 3 weeks to receive 24-7 training in her home.

Once Frankie finished his training, I still remember the first time I brought him to the dog park and I saw him running so fast and he actually played with other dogs. It was so amazing! I can’t believe in only 3 weeks he already had made such progress. We can now walk him past most dogs, bike and kids without reaction. I bring him regularly out to the dog park, pet stores , the beach and we both enjoy our daily walk. We are still working with Desiree for some other skills in a group class and we join the “Pack Walk” through Desiree’s “Social Dogs Club” every week.

Thanks to Desiree, because of her I can enjoy every minute with my dogs. Frankie is even able to attend Dog Daycare now to continue his socialization skills. The most important thing I learned from Desiree is that dogs (just like humans) each have their own special personality, and that we should respect who they are, while still doing our best to correct bad behavior, but not trying to make them become something/someone they are not.

If I have any friends with a new puppy or whose dogs need help, I’ll recommend Desiree for sure.
Jane (and Frankie)