Desiree McLean


Professional dog trainer, Desiree McLean, began her career with canines in 2004 working in a grooming salon. She became interested in dog training and begin working in the field of obedience training in 2007 and then later on adding behavioural coaching to her repertoire. Studying psychology and behaviour and helping families with their dogs has become her ultimate passion for the last decade.
Desiree is mom to an active toddler, four dogs (ranging from 7 lbs to 70 lbs) and a senior cat. She understands what a busy family life is and offers realistic solutions for the every day average pet owner
Desiree enjoys working one on one with clients in their home. It’s a completely different, more intimate, and ultimately more efficient and successful way of training really challenging dogs.

What’s your education and what methods do you use?

Updating her canine education on a regular basis is something that Desiree is adamant about. She’s enjoyed learning from some of the best dog trainers in North America with a variety of different backgrounds. She doesnt believe in limiting herself to one particular method, but rather utilizes a multitude of techniques she has both picked up from others or honed by her own experience helping train approximately 1000 dogs over the last 10 years. Desiree feels the most important thing rather than focusing on “methods” is understanding and respecting dogs, and building and enhancing the relationships between dog and owner. The goal is to gain obedience from the dog through mutual respect, and fulfilling the dogs needs as well, not just “barking orders” at the dog.

As a well rounded dog trainer, she is able to help with any behavioural or training issue from basic puppy potty and crate training, general obedience commands (sit, down, stay, come, heel, etc) and all forms of misbehavior (jumping, digging, barking, chasing other animals, poor social skills, fear, etc)  The most common issue Desiree is called in to help with is dog reactivity; barking, lunging, poor leash manners, highly excited/anxious/fearful/aggressive on leash.

Since it’s difficult (ok, more like impossible) to put a time limit on rehabilitation and training, Desiree created a special program to keep her clients supported for the life of their dog. The K9 Club meets monthly and is available to all past clients. The program offers a cost efficient way to participate in a variety of specialized group outings to maintain and progress your dogs training and social skills.

13 (The-Doghouse-2's conflicted copy 2015-09-12)We sometimes get asked what our Credentials are, or where we attended school, well, We believe even a Professional Dog Trainer needs ongoing training and we invest our time and money into updating our Education on a continuous basis through conference and seminar attendance


Credentials: Here are some of the courses Desiree has taken since 2006

  • IACP Annual 5 day dog trainer Conference, California Sept 2016
  • IACP Annual 5 day dog trainer Conference, Virginia USA Sept 2014
  • Solid K9 Training & The Good Dog:  “Train The Trainer” 3 day seminar Oct 2012- Los Angeles
  • Chad Mackin 2 day Pack to Basics (dog socialization) July 2012- Los Angeles, USA
  • Dr. Ian Dunbar 4 day dog trainer seminar March 2012 – Seattle, USA
  •  Dr. Sophia Yin 2 day dog trainer seminar March 2012 – Bellingham, USA
  • IACP Annual 5 day dog trainer Conference Florida, USA multiple speakers including Chad Mackin with Pack to Basics (dog aggression) and Debby Kay’s Sniffer Dogs (training drug detection dogs)  April 2012
  • DOGSAFE 1st aid- October 2009
  • DOGSAFE 1st aid January 2011 Cloverdale, BC
  • Working with Fearful Dogs & Creative Client Coaching. 2 day seminar- Nicole Wilde, Langley, BC 2009
  • Cesar Millan Seminar – Seattle, USA 2007
  • Cesar Millan Seminar Coquitlam, BC 2010
  • Cesar Millan Seminar Abbotsford BC Nov 2012
  • Brad Pattison 2 day course (Including “Street Safety”) Coquitlam
  • Brad Pattison repeat Street Safety 2011 Abbotsford, BC 2008
  • That’s My Dog (E-Collar Training) 2 day Seminar – Langley, BC 2009
  • Dog Trainer with Petsmart 2006-2007 Langley, BC
  • Plus several Obedience, Nosework and Agility courses taken from a variety of other local Trainers


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