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Dog Walking Services

We’re over the moon excited to now offer dog walking services in 2021

It’s ok to admit you’re struggling with getting your dog enough exercise and mental stimulation. We’re here to help. As a business that has focused exclusively on dog training for over a decade you can trust that your dog is in good hands. Whether you’re having an occasional extra long day out of the house and you need someone to get your dog out, or you’ve suffered an injury and are unable to walk your dog temporarily, or you need consistent weekly assistance to tire your dog out …we are here to support you and your dog!

Lack of exercise increases bad behaviour!

The more downtime your dog has the more active time needs to be balanced out. Big or small, old or young, Summer or Winter, all dogs benefit from lots of time outdoors. The more physical outlets, the more mental stimulation, and the more social exposure to the world your dog receives you will clearly see direct improvement in their behaviour. Exercise isn’t everything, but it sure is A LOT!


Are the walks on or off leash?

The dog walker will arrive at your home for pick up and will walk your dog ON leash in your neighbourhood for the designated timeframe, returning your dog safely to you, or to your home, based on your instructions. The safety and wellbeing of your dog is important to us. Our walkers are well trained on various safety precautions and have received their pet first aid certificate

How long are walks?

You can choose from a 30 or 60 minute walk. Winter/Spring walks are currently provided Monday to Friday during daylight hours after 9am. As the summer approaches our schedule will change to accommodate the heat and keep our furry friends safe and comfortable.

What if I am not home?

No problem! Based on an initial consultation, our dog walkers will have all the information you provide about your home and your dog and we will get keys/alarm codes, etc. Our dog walkers have undergone Criminal Records checks.

How much does DOG walking cost?
  • $26.50 for a 30 min walk (pay per walk)
  • $38.50 for a full 1 hour walk (pay per walk)
  • 10 walks per calendar month (prepaid package) with 10% off which is your best deal if you want more than once per week
What if my dog doesn’t like other dogs?

Thats ok! Dog daycare and group hikes aren’t for everyone and we realize that. We offer private on leash walks. Your dog will enjoy their walk with just the Walker who will be vigilant in keeping your dog safe and away from other dogs.

Does my dog need to be trained before he can join your walks? He pulls on the leash and is terrible on a walk!

Training isn’t mandatory. Depending on the severity of the pulling your walker may have suggestions to improve walks and may be able to work with your dog on their leash manners, however they are NOT Dog Trainers. If the issues are extreme and walks are very difficult or unsafe for our experienced Walkers, training services may be recommended in order to continuing using our walk service .

What if I own multiple dogs?

Discounts apply to multi dog households. Please contact us for a quote.

What area do you serve?

Currently we are only accepting dogs in Abbotsford and Aldergrove

Interested in signing up or have more questions?

EMail us at