The K9 Club is changing the way we train dogs! Join us on this groundbreaking journey.

I’ve always known how critical life long dog socialization and training is to creating and maintaining a well behaved dog and now I am proud to offer this supportive casual group class to improve and maintain your dogs behaviour after our formal lessons have been completed.

What Is the K9 Club?

  • A Members Only Club for any past clients of The K9 Coach
  • An ongoing opportunity to fine tune, practice, perfect, and maintain your training and socialization in REAL LIFE outdoor situations after you’ve received foundation training

What do you do at K9 Club?

  • Pack Walks: Casual enjoyable walks to work on your dogs leash manners, trail manners, and behaviour around other leashed dogs. Think your dog can’t behave and walk with other dogs? Think again! Most walks are on leash but we also offer the occasional off leash walk for more advanced dogs.
  • Public Manners Practice: In these sessions we focus on leash manners, behaviour around a variety of exciting/scary/distracting things such as loud traffic, other dogs, people, bikes, etc.  We also work on obedience commands with distractions (recall/stay/sit/down,etc) This class is held at a variety of locations and also includes our popular summer “Coffee & Canines” outing (enjoy good conversation, a latte, sunshine, and your dog behaving on a cafe patio)
  • Yappy Hour: Small dogs only, off leash play and socialize
  • Obedience Refreshers and speciality classes: topics could includes : nosework, agility, obedience, swimming, fun tricks, field trips and more!

What members have to say about K9 CLUB…

“ This was our second time attending the K9 Club and is an awesome idea. This was a big step forward for Madi. It surprised me on how she did. ”— Alan & Debbie

“ Excellent opportunity for controlled socialization.”— Katherine 


“ It was a great opportunity for Sophie to interact freely with other dogs and continue to develop her doggie social skills. And especially great to have Desiree there to “nip in the bud” unwanted dog social behaviour. I certainly hope there will be many future opportunities for these meet ups in the future. Thanks Desiree! ”— Laine