Stay and Learn Camp

Let US do all the work for you!!  From unruly leash manners, poor social skills, not coming when called and even just general “not listening” …we cover it all!

We recognize even the best intending owners can become overwhelmed by their dogs bad behavior. Sometimes even private lessons or group class once/week just isnt enough and we want to help you get that head start you need. Many owners simply lack the time or skill level needed to work through their dogs issues and this is where we come in. With our intense training programs we help to develop a new, more appropriate, habit for your dog.

So what’s involved?

Your dog will come live in our home and get an intense boost of training. This saves you weeks, if not months, of training at your end. We only take one dog in at a time so your dog receives our undivided attention in training. After your dogs stay with us, you (the owner), will be trained on how to maintain and progress with the new behaviors we have established. Owners play a critical role even in Stay & Learn programs and must have same rules and expectations we have placed on the dog when the dog returns home. We offer suggested reading, videos, and homework.

Includes frequent email updates with photo & video footage, 2 sessions of owner training time, as well as unlimited email/phone support for life)

Contact us for an Assessment of your dog.

Your training program will be 100% customized to your dog and the goals you want to achieve with him or her. Our in person interview will help guide you to the length of stay that is suitable to meet your needs. 




Who do you take? Do you train puppies? What about large breed adult dogs?

Who we CAN accept:

  • All ages/breeds welcome
  • senior dogs
  • fearful and nervous/shy dogs
  • “special needs” dogs (blind, deaf, & other non-contagious illnesses &/or who need medication -except injections)
  • dogs of all sizes and breeds
  • dogs who are not friendly to other dogs (*by assessment approval only)


Who we can NOT accept:

  • dogs who have severe separation anxiety or containment phobia (ask us to assess you’re dog if you’re unsure)
  • dogs who excessively bark (as we are in a regular residential neighbourhood)
  • human aggressive large breeds
  • dogs who are sick with a contagious disease

How many dogs do you take at a time?

  • We only take ONE Stay & Learn Camp dog at a time so you can relax knowing your dogs special needs will be met.

What results can I expect out of the program lengths?

Although we will offer you a recommended plan following an assessment, this is a basic guideline:

3 Week Program  – Suitable for Basic-to-Intermediate level obedience (introduction  or advancement of commands such as sit, down, stay, come and leash manners) or minor-to-moderate behavioural issues

30 day+ Program  – Advanced off leash obedience or major behavioral issues (such as phobia/fear/serious aggression)

Programs less than 3 weeks may be possible if your needs are limited. Please ask us to find out if your dog qualifies for a shorter program.

Anything else I should know?

  • We prefer that your dog be vaccinated, potty trained, and crate trained as a safety precaution. We do not let dogs together unsupervised. We are not a Kennel, your dog will be staying in our personal home, because of this we don’t accept all dogs into this Program. Contact us to find out if your dog qualifies.