Desiree McLean


Professional dog trainer, Desiree McLean, began her career with canines in 2004 working in a grooming salon. She became interested in dog training and begin working in the field of obedience training in 2007 and then later on adding behavioural coaching to her repertoire. Studying psychology and behaviour and helping families with their dogs has become her ultimate passion for the last decade.
Desiree is mom to an active toddler, four dogs (ranging from 7 lbs to 70 lbs) and a new kitten. She understands what a busy family life is and offers realistic solutions for the every day average pet owner
Desiree enjoys working one on one with clients in their home. It’s a completely different, more intimate, and ultimately more efficient and successful way of training really challenging dogs.



I grew up on a farm in Southwestern Manitoba with cattle, horses, sheep, goats, cats and of course dogs. I have also had rabbits, raccoons and other small animals. I was in Pony Club and 4H when I was younger and I spent some of my time training horses. During my time on the farm I also rescued many different breeds of dogs. I moved to Calgary where I worked with a rescue and helped foster. A lot of the rescues were reserve dogs and just seeing what patience, love and time can do for an animal after what they have been through is what made me want to help more. At that time I was also store manager at Petcetera until I moved to Chilliwack. I worked at a couple of pet stores before finding work with Desiree. I love learning and helping animals and people. Desiree is so full of knowledge and her passion for wanting to help dogs and their owners made me feel this was the perfect fit.



Shaya started her career with dogs working in dog & cat boarding facilities. She has a versatile background that includes working for dog breeders, local pet stores, grooming salons & managing a boarding facility. Shaya is mom to a 4 month old daughter & a 2 year old Belgian Malinois Harlyn. Harlyn enjoys doing protection work, agility and obedience. Shaya says “I absolutely fascinated with a dog’s mind and passionate about helping families live happily with their dogs”