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Private Coaching

Private Coaching  private coaching, dog behaviour, issues

Have you tried other training techniques or classes without success? or tried to do it yourself at home watching youtube only to end up more confused than where you started? Then our private coaching programs are the solution you have been looking for.

We balance private in your home training with training in the real world outdoors to successfully work on any goals, or issues, you are having and set you and your dog up for a lifetime of success. Our goal is to get you to YOUR GOAL. You’ll quickly see our level of passion and knowledge about dog behaviour is the thing you’ve been searching for!


We are not going to sugar coat it though, YOUR participation in the training plays the most critical role in your results- be prepared to do (reasonable) amounts of daily training homework to achieve success with your dog.

Expect Homework to practice and changes to be made to your dogs routine and lifestyle.


Puppy Training (for puppies 5 months and younger):


In home training lessons specifically designed for young puppies under 6 months old. We cover EVERYTHING you need to know about your new puppy. From socialization, potty training, crate training, nipping, jumping, and chewing, to introducing some basic obedience commands

Learn what your top priorities should be with your new puppy, and what can wait for later. Avoid common mistakes and future behavioural issues by gaining a better understanding of your puppy. Get your pen and paper ready for lots of helpful advise!

All of this in the comfort of your own home…. can it get any better?! Well, actually yes it can. You see, socialization is one of the most critical parts of puppy raising and you only have a very short amount of time to make a big lifelong impact. What you do with your puppy from 2-6 months old really matters!! Don’t risk the dog park. We have a better and safer solution for your puppy to get some play time in … our Puppy Socials class!

  • Puppy Socials is a drop in group socialization class that is valid until your puppy is 6 months old, small breeds may be able to attend longer pending approval of trainer
  • Puppy Socials allows for safe, supervised and guided off leash interactions with limited puppy peers
  • Fun confidence boosting and coordination building games are included in addition to playtime
  • Ask the Trainer questions while your puppy plays
  • Work on early obedience cues in a group setting like following off leash, coming when called, and staying when requested
  • An excellent positive exposure program to set your puppy up for success


Option 1- Perfect Puppy – “Getting Started” Program

4 Private In Home Lessons- Plus Puppy Group Socialization sessions until 6 months old

Option 2- Perfect Puppy – “Puppyhood and Beyond” Program

6 Private In Home Lessons- Plus 1 full year of group training (includes puppy group socialization through to adult group classes at our K9 Club as your puppy matures)



Training for dogs 6 months and older

Manners and Basics : 5 sessions plus 1 year of group training support   

This option is suitable for clients with dogs 6 months or older with little to no training who are looking to have their dog be introduced to, or advance, a variety of basic obedience commands, household manners, and the kind of leash walking your neighbours will be jealous of!

This program is also suitable for clients who have dogs with minor to moderate behavioural issues that may include such things as, but not limited to,: having your dog behave better at the door around guests, gaining a more reliable recall (come when called), improve outdoor listening/manners, and overall have your dog generally behave better.

What YOUR program consists of will be discussed and decided between you and the Trainer. These are just common suggestions.


After your 5 private custom coaching sessions are complete you are ready to join the K9 Club! We understand training takes TIME and we are here to support you throughout your journey

K9 Club

  • The K9 Club is an exclusive group maintenance class for our clients and is offered to you for 1 full year after completing your program
  • The K9 Club meets regularly for obedience sessions and pack walks which work to advance your dogs skills around new environments and distractions


The first 2 years of your dogs life are extremely important to their development.

We have customized our training to guide you in person from 8 weeks old to 2 years old if you take full advance of our programs.

With 14 years experience training dogs we have thought of it all 


The first step to having the dog of your dreams is booking your 30 minute introductory in person Consultation.

We begin every new client with a 30 minute initial in person consultation to meet you and your dog! During this time we will ask you lots of questions to get a feel for your training needs and goals. This helps us to plan better for your official training lessons and ensure you’re booked into the correct program to meet your needs. This also allows you a chance to get to know us and ask any questions you have. Making sure you feel comfortable with us and knowing we’re a good fit for each other is really important to us. We look forward to meeting you!

Initial Consultation Fee is $60

To book this appointment, or to ask further questions, please fill out the Contact Form



Behavioural Rehabilitation Training (unavailable at this time)

At this time we are unfortunately unable to assist with more serious behavioural issues such as

  • dogs showing signs of fear on a day to day basis
  • dogs who have aggression issues towards humans, dogs, or other animals
  • dogs with specific or generalized anxiety
  • dogs with leash reactivity
  • dogs with OCD behaviours such as shadow chasing, hypersensitivity to sound or other stimulus, or other neurotic behaviours


Off Leash Adventurers: 4 sessions 

This private coaching option is specifically suitable for clients who have a strong desire to have a solidly reliable off leash trained dog and are willing to put the work in to make it happen. If you want your dog to COME when you call it even if distracted & to take your dog ANYWHERE and trust it to be on its best behaviour, this is the program for you.

You MUST have taken Perfect Puppy or Manners and Basics first as a prerequisite

This course is not suitable for dogs with serious behavioural issues or aggression