Private Coaching – One-on-One In-Home Sessionsprivate coaching, dog behaviour, issues

Have your tried group training classes without success? or maybe your dog is too badly behaved to even attend a class? Then this is the program for you. Private Coaching is the solution you have been looking for.

We come straight to the comfort of your home (or other appropriate training location) 2-3 days a month (approx every 10 days give or take) to work out any issues you are having. We will work with you to create a fully customized program that meets your needs. No cookie cutter stuff here. Each program is uniquely designed for you and your dog.

We are dedicated to seeing you through the process until you are fully satisfied.

Your participation in the training plays the most critical role in your results- be prepared to do (reasonable) amounts of training homework to achieve success with your dogs issues. Expect Homework to practice and changes to be made to your dogs routine and lifestyle.

We can help! Any dog. Any age. Any breed. Any issues.

We want to be the LAST Trainer you will ever need to solve your issues which means we have the knowledge, the patience, the kindness and the plan of action to see the process through to the end

The first step is our 30 minute Assessment (no training) $60.00 plus GST. To book an Assessment please fill out the Contact Form

Training Programs for your new Puppy:


Perfect Puppy Program

In home training lessons specifically designed for young puppies under 6 months old. We cover EVERYTHING you need to know about your new puppy. From socialization, potty training, crate training, nipping, jumping, and chewing, to basic obedience commands, and leash manners.

Learn what your top priorities should be with your new puppy, and what can wait for later. Avoid common mistakes and future behavioural issues by gaining a better understanding of your puppy. Get your pen and paper ready for lots of helpful advise!

Perfect Puppy : 8 sessions

Perfect Puppy “mini” : 5 sessions

Training Programs for ADULT dogs

Manners and Basics : 5 sessions+

This option is suitable for clients with dogs with little training who are looking to have their dog learn or improve on a variety of basic obedience commands

This program is also suitable for clients who have dogs with moderate behavioural issues that may include such things as, but not limited to,: having your dog behave better at the door around guests, have your dog stop counter surfing/stealing off limit items, have your dog generally “listen” better, reduce hyperactivity, reduce excessive barking, eliminate pulling on the leash and more.

Off Leash Adventurers: 8 sessions

This option is suitable for clients who want to take their family dogs training to an Advanced level including off leash obedience. If you want your dog to COME when you call it even if distracted & to take your dog ANYWHERE and trust it to be on its best behaviour this is the program for you.

This course is not suitable for dogs with serious behavioural issues or aggression

Behaviour and Aggression Rehab: 8 sessions+

This option is suitable for more serious behavioral issues such as all fear and aggression issues, anxiety, OCD behaviours, leash reactivity, socialization issues, and more.


READ Marlie’s testimonial here:

UPDATE ON MARLIE: A year later we had the pleasure of having Marlie join us in a GROUP CLASS. Her calmness around other dogs was amazing and effortless. I am so proud of the work her owners did. It changed Marlies life.